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2012 Results

Teams: Beaver Boys(Brian Dillman, Eric Kremin, Joe Burge), Slab of Bacon(Jake Newborn, Guthrie Neumann, Nick Dellwo)

Riverside Invite Lafayette Indiana 1st and 2nd place

Midwest Championships Madison WI 1st and 3rd place

East Side Regional Championships, Washington DC, 2nd and 5th place

North American Championships, Milwaukee WI 1st and 9th place

World Championships, Geneva, Switzerland 9th and 17th place

Midwest Open 3, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1st (Kremin, Chris Simpson, Ben Schultz) and 5th  – 3 Trees of Bacon (Jake, Meg Lee(former MKE), Zach Woodward)

Star City Open Lafayette, IN, 1st Place Rangers- Jake, Thahn, Matt – 5th Place Chronic Dry Eyes – Shaggy, Jan, Jim(ann arbor), 7th place Sideboob – Sean, Tom, Ben (MKE)

Midwest Regional Championships– Bench format “Team Wisconsin” 1st place


  • North American Championships – Calgary, AB, Canada – August 5th-7th: Garcons Castor (T5th), Wardens (T9th)
  • East Side Polo Invite 6 – Philadelphia, PA – June 11-12th: Beaver Boys II Men 1st Place, Fur Trappers (T9th), Cycle Killers (T9th)
  • Midwest Championships 9 (Regional Qualifier)- Bloomington, IN – May 21-22nd: Beaver Boys II Men 1st place, Wardens 7th place
  • Derby Debauchery – Lousiville, KY – May 7th-8th: 1st place, Horsecock
  • Ladies Army 3 – Austin, TX – May 7th-8th: 1st place, Cunning Stunts
  • Riverside Tournament – Lafayette, IN – Woodchucks 1st, Retard Strength 2nd
  • Day After New Year’s Day Midwest Bench Minor – Madison, WI – 1st place
  • Winter Lockdown – Boston, MA – January: 4th Place Beaver Men


  • Midwest Open – Lexington, KY – November: 3rd Place Wardens, MBPC members on 1st, 2nd, 4th place teams.
  • World Championships – Berlin, Germany – August: 1st Place Beaver Boys
  • North American Hardcourt Championships – Madison, WI – July: 5th Place Beaver Boys, 9th Place Wisconsin Takeover
  • 3rd Annual Area 51 Bowl- Calgary, Alberta – July: MBPC member on 2nd place team
  • East Side Polo Invite – New York City – June: 2nd Place Beaver Boys
  • 8th Midwest Championships – Minneapolis, MN – May: 1st Place Beaver Boys, 5th Wisconsin Takeover
  • MMI8 2v2 – Milwaukee, WI – 1st Place- Bizzy Beavers (Joe and Brian)
  • South East Side Polo Invite – Pensacola, FL – February: MBPC members on 2nd, 3rd, 4th place teams.
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